Burrus Investment Group is a company which identifies, structures and manages opportunity investments, primarily real estate, hotel, and related travel and tourism projects. The firm has expertise through the company and its affiliates in financing, realty advisory services, asset management, and the operations of retail, office, residential, and hotel properties.   Started by David R. Burrus and George J. Newton III in 1985 as a commercial property acquisition and holding company, Burrus has grown into a business with several affiliated firms commanding successful holdings and interests in hotels, hotel management companies, software companies and mortgage loan portfolios.

Burrus Investment Group has achieved its successes not only through careful, strategic planning and close attention to the worldwide marketplace, but most significantly through developing and maintaining strong business relationships through the years. Burrus Investment Group's success has been possible through recognizing and cultivating vital connections within the company and with key customers, suppliers, advisors, financial institutions, and joint venture/investment partners. Projects on this website are owned by affiliate partnerships or corporations which are owned by David Burrus and George Newton, their families, or other entities owned or controlled by them.  To these separate entities Burrus Investment Group provides services such as locating, evaluating, structuring, and financing projects along with continuing management, accounting and advisory services.

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